What are LU-Smart's Resolution Settings and Bandwidth?

 One of the first things you’ll see on the home screen of LU-Smart is a drop down for resolution setting and frame rate.  This setting is what resolution you will be outputting on the LU-2000 server on the receiving end at the station.  It is not the capture resolution of LU-Smart.  It should be noted that this setting applies to S&F sessions and Upload from Gallery.  Since many stations have a “house standard” that is used, it is suggested you contact your transmission/engineering group if you are unsure about the correct resolution.
LU-Smart will always adapt the bitrate based on network conditions.  If you’re concerned about bandwidth usage, changing the resolution to a lower setting will not actually reduce bandwidth; rather bandwidth limits are configurable under the Settings Gear  Network Settings Bandwidth Limits.  Bandwidth Limits only apply to live streaming and have no effect in S&F or Upload modes.