Updated Articles

  1. Fluctuating Networks Resulting in Bad Video Quality

    Solution:  capping the BW of the unit for SD mostly.  2.5 to 3mbps, and for HD 5 to 6 Mbps. This helps to stop the fluctuation, and the video resolution improves at output.
  2. The quality is poor, even if the BW is good

    Please make sure Adaptive Resolution is on.
  3. The unit comes online and all SIMs card are connected - but the unit doens't transmit

    Make sure the SIM cards are not out of data.
  4. Common Troubleshooting: LiveU Central

    COMMON   TROUBLESHOOTING Category ISSUE CHECKLIST LIVEU CENTRAL UNABLE   TO   LOGIN TO CENTRAL Verify   username and password ( Case   Sensitive ) Close   and re-openi the web browser Clear   the...
  5. Common Troubleshooting: Hardware

    COMMON   TROUBLESHOOTING Category ISSUE CHECKLIST HARDWARE BATTERY NOT   CHARGING Try Power Drain Method Charge the unit with a diferent adapter Change the battery  Get the battery calibrated with Support's h...
  6. Common Troubleshooting: Connectivity

    COMMON   TROUBLESHOOTING Category ISSUE CHECKLIST CONNECTIVITY SIM CARD FAILED TO CONNECT Reboot the modem reboot the whole unit Set APN AutoMode Set APN manually Swap the SIM cards with cards from another sl...
  7. Common Troubleshooting: Display / Video

    COMMON TROUBLESHOOTING Category ISSUE CHECKLIST DISPLAY/VIDEO NO DISPLAY Reboot, Make sure fan is running  when trying to start the unit Try Power Drain. Also try to start the unit by removing VIC and SD card  Try factor...
  8. Which modules can be used in the LU600-DTB?

    7455, 7430, and 7304 can be used with the LU600-DTB.
  9. LU-Smart HD Mobile App - iOS Version

    The LU-Smart HD Mobile App Solution for video professionals brings LiveU's bonded transmission technology to iPhone or iPad, combining Wi-Fi and cellular networks to reach optimal video quality. NOTE: Requires a “Smart-Activated" Liv...
  10. What is the Unit's Battery Time?

    LU200 - 2 hours LU500 - 4 hours LU600 - 4 hours