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  1. The display is not showing anything after powering on, although the fan can be heard. We have tried using a front panel / display from a working unit and this has not resolved the issue

    Replace the SD card.  If the problem still continues, please contact Support. 
  2. When I start to stream from the units (LU200,500,600, and Smart APP. I only see colour bars on the SDI out, and zero bit rate on the units

    This shows that there is communication between the unit and LU2000.  However, LU2000 is not able to receive the video feed, because the video ports are blocked.  Please request your administrator to check if the video ports are open on t...
  3. What is the Unit's Battery Time?

    LU200 - 2 hours LU500 - 4 hours LU600 - 4 hours
  4. Best Practices for LU200 in Broadcast Television

    Set your delay for the right purpose For on air talk backs or when there is a perception of time: Lowest possible is 1 second.  A longer delay of 1.8 is safest for more resiliency.  Use even more delay in trouble reception areas. For...
  5. Why am I seeing color bars as my physical output?

    This is typically caused by the UDP ports  not  being forwarded to the server.  The backpacks send UDP packets directly to the server, and must be properly forwarded. For more details about necessary ports for LiveU server please, c...
  6. What App Permissions Does LU-Smart Require?

    In order to run LU-Smart you will have to accept several permissions on startup.  LU-Smart needs access to the Camera, Microphone, and Storage.  These prompts will appear on first launch and must be accepted for LU-Smart to work properly. ...
  7. The LU600-DTB unit does not connect to the Internet. What is the problem?

    • The LU600-DTB is working in Gateway mode, but a Gateway is not assigned to your LU600-DTB (in LiveU Central), or this Gateway, in the cloud or on-premise is not operational  • There is no cellular reception. • There are no SI...
  8. In which countries does the LU600- DTB work?

    All over the world!
  9. Which modems can be used in the LU200?

    Verify which modems can be used with your LiveU support representative.
  10. If my server is directly on the Internet (no NAT), do I still have to forward ports?

    No, you do not.  If the server has a direct, unique  public IP address, no port forwarding is required.