When a server cannot stream despite the ports being seemingly open, or if the server cannot reach Central:

1.Go to /etc/liveu/ on the MMH Server and see if whatismyip.py file is listed there.

2.In case the file is not available, you may create the file using
 #cd /etc/liveu/
 #touch whatismyip.py

3.Edit the file using  #vi whatismyip.py

Now enter the static IP for the Server under the above file in below format:

       where X denotes the value for IP address.

Save the changes by pressing Esc with :wq!

Once done reboot the Server or restart liveu services to apply the changes.
              #sudo systemctl restart liveu.service       (for v7 or above servers)
              #service liveu restart (For v6 Servers)      (for v6 servers or below)