What is the App Licensing for LU-Smart?

    LU-Smart is typically licensed under the LiveU Go Plan.  For additional information on Go Plan please contact your LiveU sales representative.  There are two types of licenses: Adhoc which is valid for 24 hours, and Permanent which is perpetual.
    To get LU-Smart licensed begin by getting your license code out of LiveU Central.  This is found in LU-Central via Devices  Device List Generate Code  Adhoc/Permanent.  Enter the PIN code that is created into the LU-Smart App under the Settings Gear  License Adhoc/Permanent.  Give the device an alphanumeric name (underscore and dash are also permitted characters) and hit ‘Register.’  Once the device is licensed it will appear under the group the PIN code was taken from in LiveU Central, under the name that was entered on the smart device at the time of registration.  If you do not enter a name it will generate one for you.