When a server cannot stream despite the ports being seemingly open, or if the server cannot reach Central:

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
1.Go to /etc/liveu/ on the MMH Server and see if file is listed there. 2.In case the file is not available, you may create the file using    #cd /etc/liveu/  #touch 3.Edit the file using  #vi ...

Unit not showing in LiveU Central

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
1.Check filters on LiveU Central 2.Verify that unit is in Ready state 3.Refresh the LiveU Central GUI 4.Make sure are looking at the correct Inventory or Group 5.In case the issue persists, contact LiveU Support to check the alias name of the un...

Unable to login to LiveU Central

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
1.Verify username and password ( Case Sensitive ) 2.Close and re-open the web browser 3.Clear the browser cache 4.Try on another PC and see if the issue still persists. 5.In case the issue persists, contact LiveU Support to reset your crede...

Blackmagic cards installation/upgrade

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
On v7 and above MMH Servers, Blackmagic cards are automatically installed. Servers on v6 or below might require to install the BM card if it's not detected properly.  Here is how to do it:    #sudo /opt/install_package/debs/ &nb...

SIM cards failed to connect

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
1.Check the SIM card on another module and see if its connecting there. 2.Place the SIM card on a mobile and see if the card is pin disabled and it works well on the phone. 3.Try to set manual APN on the module from LiveU Central. 4. Reflash/Upgr...

Battery not charging

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
1.Reflash/Upgrade the unit. 2.If reflash/upgrade doesn’t help, contact LiveU Support for battery calibration process. There are three calibration commands which need to be invoked on the unit and the behaviour needs to be monitored with each ...

No Video Input on the unit

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
1.Reflash/Upgrade the unit. 2.Try SDI/HDMI input connection. 3.Test with alternate Video cables or video sources. 4.Swap the Video card with another unit and try to isolate the issue. 5.If another Video card works fine on the unit and the proble...

Unit not coming online

17/12/2019Anna Surdin
1.Check if the FAN is running on the unit. 2.Unplug all modules, sd card, Video card and battery from the unit. Once done press the power button for approximate 10 seconds to discharge the static power from the unit. Once done reassemble ...

Best Practices for At-Home Solutions

12/02/2019Anna Surdin
A typical AHP includes two or more cameras with LiveU field encoders (LU200/LU300/LU500/LU600) and typically the same number of LU2000 receiver/server output ports back in your Production Control Room (PCR). There is no limit to how many field encoders you can deploy with this solution. As with the field encoders, there’s no limit to the number of receiver/servers that can be deployed as long as the facility has adequate bandwidth available (Depending on unit – 5 to 8 Mbps per camera source). Back at the PCR, the LiveU receiver/servers provide synchronized SDI, NDI or MPEG-TS output(s).

The display is not showing anything after powering on, although the fan can be heard. We have tried using a front panel / display from a working unit and this has not resolved the issue

20/09/2018Anna Surdin
Replace the SD card.  If the problem still continues, please contact Support.