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  1. What is the difference between a Flash preview and an MJPEG one?

    Requirements: LU-Central running on V7 and above (relevant for OPS users) LiveU server with version 7 and above. MJPEG license enabled Comparison: Category Flash MJPEG Plugin required Yes (supported on most brows...
  2. The LU600-DTB unit does not connect to the Internet. What is the problem?

    • The LU600-DTB is working in Gateway mode, but a Gateway is not assigned to your LU600-DTB (in LiveU Central), or this Gateway, in the cloud or on-premise is not operational  • There is no cellular reception. • There are no SI...
  3. What App Permissions Does LU-Smart Require?

    In order to run LU-Smart you will have to accept several permissions on startup.  LU-Smart needs access to the Camera, Microphone, and Storage.  These prompts will appear on first launch and must be accepted for LU-Smart to work properly. ...
  4. What is the next step after inserting the SIM cards into the LU600-DTB unit?

    The following options are available for configuring the Access Point Number (APN): • By default, the LU600-DTB automatically configures the correct APN.  • If the system fails to automatically configure the APN, then you may refer t...
  5. In which countries does the LU600- DTB work?

    All over the world!
  6. What is the purpose of the micro SD slot?

    Once populated, the micro SD slot is for the Store&Forward option or the File Transfer option, depending on the devices supporting these features. 
  7. The LU500 unit does not connect to the Internet. What is the problem?

    • There is no cellular reception.  • There are no SIM cards inserted in the LU500 unit.  • The SIM cards are not activated or do not support the data plan.  • Modems are not plugged in properly into the USB port...
  8. Which modules can be used in the LU600-DTB?

    7455, 7430, and 7304 can be used with the LU600-DTB.
  9. How do I know which SIM cards are supported in my country?

    Browse to the following link to see a list of the operators in your country. All operators listed under GSM should work with the modems provided in the LU200. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Network_Code  Contact a LiveU support representa...
  10. What if my network admin says that we have different incoming and outgoing public IP addresses

    This can be accommodated  with a change to an internal configuration file.  Please contact LiveU Support for assistance.