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  1. Community - Introduction Video

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Login to LiveU Community at:  https://community.liveu.tv ...
  2. Where are SIM cards placed?

    There are 2 slots marked “SIM1” and “SIM2” right next to the SDI video connector. Please use these slots to insert SIM cards for the internal cellular modems.
  3. Common Troubleshooting: Hardware

    COMMON   TROUBLESHOOTING Category ISSUE CHECKLIST HARDWARE BATTERY NOT   CHARGING Try Power Drain Method Charge the unit with a diferent adapter Change the battery  Get the battery calibrated with Support's h...
  4. Fluctuating Networks Resulting in Bad Video Quality

    Solution:  capping the BW of the unit for SD mostly.  2.5 to 3mbps, and for HD 5 to 6 Mbps. This helps to stop the fluctuation, and the video resolution improves at output.
  5. What are LU-Smart's Resolution Settings and Bandwidth?

     One of the first things you’ll see on the home screen of LU-Smart is a drop down for resolution setting and frame rate.  This setting is what resolution you will be outputting on the LU-2000 server on the receiving end at the statio...
  6. What Bonding Service Works Best with LU-Smart?

     For best results from LU-Smart we suggest leaving the Bonding Service enabled by default.  This will use both WiFi and Cellular connections to create the most stable connection possible.  If you are only connected to one network (WiF...
  7. What is the Unit's Battery Time?

    LU200 - 2 hours LU500 - 4 hours LU600 - 4 hours
  8. If my server is directly on the Internet (no NAT), do I still have to forward ports?

    No, you do not.  If the server has a direct, unique  public IP address, no port forwarding is required.
  9. The System is Running in Low Graphics Mode

    When getting a message stating that the   System is Running in Low Graphics Mode Open the terminal on your server. Run the following command: sudo vim /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf Change the line: " greeter-session=pantheon-greeter &...
  10. Best Practices for LU200 in Broadcast Television

    Set your delay for the right purpose For on air talk backs or when there is a perception of time: Lowest possible is 1 second.  A longer delay of 1.8 is safest for more resiliency.  Use even more delay in trouble reception areas. For...