What is the difference between a Flash preview and an MJPEG one?

20/11/2018Anna Surdin
Requirements: LU-Central running on V7 and above (relevant for OPS users) LiveU server with version 7 and above. MJPEG license enabled Comparison: Category Flash MJPEG Plugin required Yes (supported on most brows...

What Devices Support IFB?

06/09/2018Anna Surdin
Komplete Audio 6 – 4 ports audio device (not recommended for new deployments) Presonus AudioBox 22VSL - 2 port XLR audio interface  Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL – 8 port XLR audio interface  Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820 – ...

What is the Unit's Battery Time?

12/03/2018Ran Rahav
LU200 - 2 hours LU500 - 4 hours LU600 - 4 hours

What Devices Does LU-Smart Support?

12/03/2018Anna Surdin
While we strive to make LU-Smart as versatile as possible, we focus our testing on the most popular smartphones, running the current OS versions, accessories. iOS Devices iPhone 6s, 6s Plus iPhone SE iPhone 7, 7 Plus iPhone 8, 8 Plus iPhone...

What Bonding Service Works Best with LU-Smart?

12/03/2018Ran Rahav
 For best results from LU-Smart we suggest leaving the Bonding Service enabled by default.  This will use both WiFi and Cellular connections to create the most stable connection possible.  If you are only connected to one network (WiF...

What are LU-Smart's Resolution Settings and Bandwidth?

12/03/2018Ran Rahav
 One of the first things you’ll see on the home screen of LU-Smart is a drop down for resolution setting and frame rate.  This setting is what resolution you will be outputting on the LU-2000 server on the receiving end at the statio...

What App Permissions Does LU-Smart Require?

12/03/2018Ran Rahav
In order to run LU-Smart you will have to accept several permissions on startup.  LU-Smart needs access to the Camera, Microphone, and Storage.  These prompts will appear on first launch and must be accepted for LU-Smart to work properly. ...

In which countries does the LU600 work?

08/03/2018Ran Rahav
All over the world!

Which modules can be used in the LU600-DTB?

08/03/2018Ran Rahav
7455, 7430, and 7304 can be used with the LU600-DTB.

The LU600 unit does not connect to the Internet. What is the problem?

08/03/2018Ran Rahav
• The LU600 is working in Gateway mode, but a Gateway is not assigned to your LU600 (in LiveU Central), or this Gateway, in the cloud or on-premise is not operational  • There is no cellular reception. • There are no SIM cards ...