Common Troubleshooting: LiveU Central

LIVEU CENTRALUNABLE   TO   LOGIN TO CENTRALVerify   username and password ( Case   Sensitive )
Close   and re-openi the web browser
Clear   the browser cache
Opening   on   another PC
If   nothing   works , ask support to reset the password and use the new   password for login

UNIT NOT SHOWING IN LUCCheck   Filters on the   LUC
Verify   that the unit is in Ready state
Refresh   from the LUC GUI
Make   sure you are you looking into correct Inventory / Group

NO PREVIEW IN LUC Verify   video output on the server is OK
Make   sure you are running an updated Chrome version
Make   sure Flash Player is upgraded to the latest version
Make   srue Flash, Java and Popup are allowed in Site Information
Make   srue erver Outbound Port 1935 is open