Best Practices for LU200 in Broadcast Television

Set your delay for the right purpose

For on air talk backs or when there is a perception of time:

Lowest possible is 1 second.  A longer delay of 1.8 is safest for more resiliency.  Use even more delay in trouble reception areas.

For B-Roll, feeding packages look lives, press conference or when delay is not a factor:

10 seconds will provide a very stable and high quality stream.

Streaming while driving:

The longer the delay the better.  Try to use a delay of at least 2 seconds if you need a low delay.  Otherwise use 10 seconds or more is best.

Tips and Tricks

Keep the unit off the ground for better cell reception

Elevate the device in trouble cell areas.  Use the roof of a car or something similar to

Check your delay before going live to ensure you have the right setting for your intended use.